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Arkticos Storybook Siberians was formed by Eirini and Michael and represents the combination of Arkticos Mythos and Storybook Siberians. We are located in central Ohio. We exhibit our Siberian Huskies mostly in Ohio and surrounding states. Our goal for each breeding is to produce a Siberian Husky that is better than the previous generation. We strive to continue our reputation of producing healthy puppies which are structurally sound and conform to the Siberian Husky standard, and have temperaments which not only make them shine in the show ring but more importantly a wonderful part of their family.

BIS Ch Gaia Lykaia Cybele's Might


Arkticos Mythos Siberians

Our story started with our first show dog, which was a Samoyed boy, called Dante (Baltic Breeze Borealic Dante). With Dante we attended our first dog shows and can say we did quite well, since he became a Champion and also a BIS winnner! Through the show grounds where we started out in 1998 we met the Siberian Husky breed and it became a great love and passion!

Arkticos Mythos until 2010 exhibited and bred under the name “Gaia Lykaia”. The Siberians that built the previous kennel name and their offspring, continue under our new kennel name.

Arkticos Mythos has produced several Champions, Best of Breed, Best of Group and Best In Show winners! Among them is European Junior Winner/ Group Multi BIS, BJISS, Int Ch Gaia Lykaia Boreas who holds the record of 20 BIS placements in only one and a half years that he was shown, his sister European Junior Winner BIS Ch Gaia Lykaia Cybele’s Might, and BJIS Gaia Lykaia Elita Arkticos Mythos.

Ch Destiny's Divine Glory - BOW/BOS Columbus, Ohio

Storybook Siberians

Our passion in Siberian Huskies began in 1987 with the purchase of a pet Siberian Husky, Yukon. As with many in the breed, one wasn’t enough so soon there were three. I then developed an interest in showing and acquired my first show potential from Herb and Mary Carlson (Casa Loma, Illinois), Casa Loma’s Tasha of Yukoton. Tasha taught me both fun and embarrassment in the ring on her way to accumulating 13 points, including a major and multiple Best of Breed wins.

Next came along “Crazy Daisy”, a bitch that truly earned her name. Along with Daisy’s breeder and then co-owner Cheryl Scheall (Tasman Siberians, Ohio), Daisy finished her Canadian Championship and received nine points (needed majors) toward her American Championship, including multiple Best of Breed wins over specials and a number of Reserve Winners to majors. Daisy was bred once and produced just one puppy, Tasman-N-Shaika’s Jewel Thief (aka Julie).

From 2000 to 2010 Storybook exhibited and bred under the name Destiny Siberians. During that time our lines were influenced mostly by Kontoki, Innisfree and Karnovanda lines. The Siberian Huskies we produced during this time include Ch. Destiny's Divine Glory, BISS Ch. Destiny's Bling Bling, Int Ch. Destiny's Fox in Socks, BIS/BISS Grand Russian Ch. Destiny's To Russia With Love, Destiny's Victorious (pointed) and Destiny's Mirror Mirror (major pointed).

Isabelle and Victor


Siberian Husky Puppies

We are dedicated to the improvement and preservation of the Siberian Husky, producing healthy and happy puppies, with correct structure and movement, which are free of genetic problems. We do not breed for specific eye or coat color, but prefer to focus on the continual improvement of the breed.

All of our puppies are healthy and happy and are raised in the home with the same love and attention, regardless of whether they are to be a show dog or a cherished companion.

We believe in quality, not quantity, and strive for the wellbeing of each Siberian that is bred by us.





We hope you enjoy your visit to the Arkticos Storybook Siberians website! Feel free to contact us for more information regarding Arkticos Storybook, our Siberian Huskies or our breeding program.

~ Eirini & Michael Eads
   Arkticos Storybook Siberians